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Ever since I was very young, I have been fascinated by technology. My curiosity and enthusiasm for technology are a major focus and joy in my life. I started building DIY devices when I was 12. Now I am a little bit older - 27, but this curiosity still exist. The only difference between me now and me back then is that now I have the opportunity and the necessary skills and knowledge to research and develop technological devices.

I like to travel and communicate to other people a lot. My daily life surroundings and all the people I meet have shaped my understanding of teamwork and collaboration. I believe that humans should work together through idea sharing and thinking to accomplish a common goal. Teamwork and brainstorming ideas to provide solutions are always important to me.

Work hard, make the world a better place!

Work team


Work hard, make the world a better place!

Our world is lovely. We have to stay positive!

My education

I got my master's degree in Electronics at the University of Ruse, Bulgaria. I am currently doing my PhD in the field of Autonomous weather stations and data acquisition.

During my studies at the University of Ruse I met Deyan Levski and Tsvetomir Gotsov. We soon found out that we shared similar interests and hobbies. The three of us were all excited about electronics and computer science. We started working on our own projects - working with such motivated and devoted people is so much fun! Together we built our first autonomous weather station - you can see the 3D prototype on the right.

In my free time I usually take EDX online courses. I am always open for the opportunity to learn something new.

Learning by doing!



Embedded Automatic Weather Station

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My work

As soon as I finished my bachelor's degree I started working as a SCADA engineer (supervisory control and data acquisition) for a local company. I was in charge of plant control systems and I was developing process control systems using high-performance HMI.

Currently, I am a control engineer and work for SIVIKO. Together with my team we develop our own products from scratch: automatic cable testers, controllers, automatic grounders, etc.

Practise makes perfect!



Siviko is specialized in the delivery of small-scale, non-standard engineering projects.

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The things that matter to me

I have always had a keen interest in engineering and technology, so I became an engineer. I cant compare the feeling of building a working project with anything else. If you have ever worked on a project, you will surely understand what I mean: there are always difficulties at the beginning of the project and not everything goes as smoothly as desired. But once you deal with all of the issues and accomplish your project the feeling is very pleasurable and satisfying.

The pleasure from the work well done is strongly related to the good team. There might be obstacles in a project, but for the right team there aren't any insurmountable difficulties. I feel certain that the environment in which you work changes the way you act and think. One of my latest passions is building my own workshop with lots of instruments, machines and equipment where my friends, colleagues and I can work, develop and engineer.

I am a firm believer that knowledge is one of the most valuable assets that has to be shared with others. That is why I passionately organize or take part in IT events, lectures, workshops which aim to provide knowledge and know-how to students and young, still unexperienced engineers.



The pleasure of a well done job is indescribable!


Let's engineer our future!

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